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2023 By the Numbers

What is a Conservation District?  Referred to as Soil and Water Conservation Districts, Resource Conservation Districts or just Conservation Districts, Districts found their beginnings as a result of soil erosion concerns back in the 1930’s, in the days of the Dust Bowl.  These days CDs vary as widely as the terrain that they cover in more than 3000 Conservation Districts nationwide.

At their very heart, CDs advise landowners in the best use of the natural resources on their property, from the soil and water, to the plants and wildlife. CDs are involved in schools, county planning boards, water reservations, watershed groups and even economic development.  They work with local partners to promote the wise use and conservation of natural resources.

Each CD is a bit different and their missions vary with the type of landowners they work with and the land uses in their area.  Districts are governed by a board of elected, volunteer (unpaid) supervisors, and in Montana, are funded at least in part by county property taxes.  To promote the wise use and conservation of natural resources, we partner with:

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