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2024 Local Work Group Meetings

In 2024, the Conservation District will host 2 Local Work Group Meetings in the county.

The first will be at the Canyon Creek School, 7435 Duffy Lane, Canyon Creek, Montana. It will take place from 12-2 pm on June 25th.

The second will be at the Wolf Creek School, 150 Walsh Street, Wolf Creek, Montana. It will take place from 12-2 pm on July 9th.

Coffee, tea and snacks will be provided at these meetings.

These meetings are intended to draw in landowners, land users and others who would like to provide information on new and continuing natural resource concerns in Lewis & Clark County. The NRCS Field office and the Conservation District use that feedback from people to update their long range and annual plans.

If you cannot make one of these meetings, you can always send us written responses, or you can fill out our Natural Resource Concern Survey.


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