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The mission of the Lewis & Clark Conservation District is to provide leadership in the conservation and wise use of soil, water, and related resources to the landowners in Lewis and Clark County Montana.


Conservation Districts in Montana utilize locally-led and largely non-regulatory approaches to address natural resource issues. CDs have a decades-long history of conserving our state’s resources by helping local people match their needs to available technical and financial resources, thereby getting good conservation practices on the ground to the benefit of all Montanans.

The CD works with educators, small acreage landowners, ranchers and farmers.  Many times over the past decades, the District has helped with fire rehabilitation efforts focusing on revegetation, property management and weed control and the CD has also assisted landowners recovering from flood events. Co-located with the federal agency, Natural Resources Conservation Service, the Conservation District has access to technical help for area landowners. 

The Annual Operations Plan for Lewis & Clark Conservation District encompasses aspects of water, plant and people resources.  Community education concerning these resources, and active involvement in watershed work, noxious weed eradication and control, grazing management issues and quality customer service in the form of the Lewis & Clark Land Stewardship Series, the quarterly newsletter The Explorer, annual workshops and participation in the Youth Education Curriculum are part of our Annual Plan.  The District works with state legislators, informing them of current resource issues and challenges in their areas.

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Board of Supervisors and CD Staff

District Board Meetings

District History

Community Involvement


Lewis & Clark County

The Lewis & Clark Conservation District is located in Lewis & Clark County, Montana.  Encompassing the southern portion of the East Front of the Rocky Mountains, forest in abundance and range and crop lands of the Montana plains, the District assists large and small acreage landowners with their management concerns.

The Following Video From the National Association of Conservation Districts Discusses the History and the Future of Conservation Districts

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