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Board of Supervisors

The Lewis & Clark Conservation District has an elected Board of Supervisors. In 1997, the District formally divided into seven supervisor areas with one Supervisor from each area.

Jeff Ryan
Chairman - Birdseye area

Jeff was appointed in 2014, and elected in 2018. 

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Ron Ingersoll
Vice Chair - Wolf Creek/Dearborn area

Ron was elected in 2012 to the Conservation District Board, beginning his term in January 2013. 

Jeanette Nordhal
Treasurer - Lincoln Area

Jeanette was appointed to the board in 2016 when her dad, Bob Bushnell, retired. She was elected in 2018.

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Stephen Granzow
Supervisor - East Helena Valley

Stephen became an associate supervisor in 1991 and a supervisor of the East Helena area in 1998.

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Sarah Howe Cobb
Supervisor - Augusta area

Sarah was elected in 2014 and started her time on the Conservation District Board in January 2015.

Stan Frasier
Supervisor - South Helena Valley

Stan was elected to the Conservation District Board in 1996 and started his first term in January 1997.

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John Baucus
Supervisor - Sieben/Craig area

John was appointed to the Conservation District Board in February 2020.

David Martin
Associate Supervisor

David joined as Associate Supervisor in 2016. 

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Karl Christians
Associate Supervisor

Karl became an Associate Supervisor in the winter of 2018/19.

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Chris Carparelli
Associate Supervisor

Chris joined the board as an Associate Supervisor in October 2020.

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Chris Evans
Connor Mertz
Resource Technician