Lewis and Clark Conservation District, 790 Colleen Street, Helena MT 59601  406-389-3895

Skyler Van Dyken

Skyler Van Dyken, Dearboarn Area

Skyler Van Dyken joined the LCCD board in August 2022, appointed to finish out Ron Ingersoll’s position.  Skyler runs the family ranch in the Dearborn area, and is the grandson of long-time past supervisor Gary Murphy.  

Skyler agreed to be on the board of supervisors because he wants to serve his community in some public fashion. As a rancher he spends most of his days outdoors, appreciating the beautiful creation of rural Montana. The Conservation District seems like a good way to combine his passion for agriculture with my desire to serve his community.

Skyler is the fifth generation of my family given the opportunity and ability to live off the lands of central Lewis and Clark County and he wants that to be a possibility for future generations as well.  He comes to the board with the interest of finding practical and effective solutions for landowners to conserve and protect the natural resources for future generations of landowners and the public. 

Skyler says that his favorite part of being on the board is learning from the other board members and those involved with the Conservation District.

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