Lewis & Clark Conservation District

Local Common Sense Conservation

Chris Evans

Chris Evans was hired with the Conservation District as the District Administrator in April of 1999. 

The great-great grandchild of homesteaders in the Collins Montana area, Chris was born and raised in the Choteau, Montana area, growing up on a dryland wheat farm operation.  Free time was spent outdoors, with vacation time, backpack trips and skiing in the mountains west of Choteau. 

Chris received a degree in Earth Science from Montana State University in 1992, with a major in Geography and a minor in Geology. 

Chris is married to a geologist with the Montana Department of Transportation and has two grown daughters.  Favorite activities include kayaking, yardwork, fly-fishing, and reading.  She also takes an active interest in assisting her parents with the remains of their Teton County property, which is currently in a native CRP seeding.

Having worked for the Conservation District for over 20 years, she can honestly say, that this job was the best job she’s ever had and has been a perfect fit for her interests.  Working for the landowners of Lewis and Clark County and the CD Board has been a great experience.

Chris can be reached directly at the office by emailing chris@lewisandclarkcd.org or by calling 406-449-5000 ext. 3884