Lewis & Clark Conservation District

Local Common Sense Conservation

Jeanette Nordhal

Treasurer, Jeanette Nordahl of the Lincoln Area

Why did you originally want to be on the board?

I didn’t, my daddy made me do it! Okay, because I felt like I could learn so much more about the Lincoln area by participating on the board as a supervisor as well as bring my skills and abilities to the Conservation District. 

What qualities to you feel you bring to the CD/Board?

I am very active and volunteer on a lot of boards in the Lincoln area. This gives me access to a variety of local landowners. I am the treasurer and grant writer for the local snowmobile club and the “war on weeds” program in the Lincoln area and have a weed spray license. 

What is your favorite part about being part of the Conservation District Board?

Learning and exploring local natural resources (soil, water, plants and wildlife) that I would not normally get access to. Even though I have access to a variety of local landowners I have also had the opportunity to meet several other locals. Have learned a lot about stream restoration and preserving the local natural resources.

Jeanette was appointed to the board in 2016 when her dad, Bob Bushnell, retired. She was elected in 2018.