Lewis & Clark Conservation District

Local Common Sense Conservation

Stephen Granzow

Why did I want to be on the LCCD Board?

I had a little contact with Conservation District Boards when growing up, but never thought much about them.

In 1990 I attended board meetings for a client and realized that I knew a few things about what they were doing from one of my degrees. I asked to be an associate supervisor in 1991, and they quickly agreed.

From that point, the board got back at me.  In 1998, a supervisor in my area got off the board and I was appointed to fill out his term and from there on I have been a Supervisor.

I enjoyed going out on 310 inspections and helping people with what they would like to do around the water. (I am unable to do that now, because of Parkinson’s).

I like using my knowledge of what I have learned from other sources, to help others.

My favorite part is helping people over the some 29 years I have been involved with the board.