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Board of Supervisors

The Lewis & Clark Conservation District has an elected Board of Supervisors. In 1997, the District formally divided into seven supervisor areas with one Supervisor from each area.

The Current Board of Supervisors

Chairman-Jeff Ryan

Chairman, Jeff Ryan of the Birdseye Area

Jeff Ryan was in resource professional positions with private and state entities for over 40 year, the last 20 years doing statewide river/stream permitting for DEQ.  

In Jeff’s words: “I’m on the board to give a little back to this wonderful state that’s given so much to me and my family.  I’ve had the opportunity to take part in hundreds of hours of training related to river/stream/wetland resources.  I’ve reviewed thousands of different designs related to those resource projects and visited a majority of the sties.  Sharing that experience with folks to help them do resource friendly projects and to complement our 310 permitting process is my main way of ‘giving back’.”

Jeff has been on the board since he was appointed in 2014 and he was elected in 2018.  He represents the Birdseye area of the county.

Vice Chair Ron Ingersoll

Vice Chair, Ron Ingersoll of the Wolf Creek/Dearborn River area

Ron was elected in 2012 to the Conservation District Board, beginning his term in January 2013.  

Treasurer, Jeanette Nordahl of the Lincoln Area

Why did you originally want to be on the board? I didn’t, my daddy made me do it! Okay, because I felt like I could learn so much more about the Lincoln area by participating on the board as a supervisor as well as bring my skills and abilities to the Conservation District. 

What qualities to you feel you bring to the CD/Board?  I am very active and volunteer on a lot of boards in the Lincoln area. This gives me access to a variety of local landowners. I am the treasurer and grant writer for the local snowmobile club and the “war on weeds” program in the Lincoln area and have a weed spray license. 

What is your favorite part about being part of the Conservation District Board?  Learning and exploring local natural resources (soil, water, plants and wildlife) that I would not normally get access to. Even though I have access to a variety of local landowners I have also had the opportunity to meet several other locals. Have learned a lot about stream restoration and preserving the local natural resources.

Jeanette was appointed to the board in 2016 when her dad, Bob Bushnell, retired.  She was elected in 2018.

Stephen Granzow of East Helena Valley

Steve served as an Associate Supervisor for many years prior to being elected to the Conservation District Board in 1998.

Sarah Howe Cobb of the Augusta area

Sarah was elected in 2014 and started her time on the Conservation District Board in January 2015.


Stan Frasier of the south Helena Valley

Stan was elected to the Conservation District Board in 1996 and started his first term in January 1997.

John Baucus of the Sieben/Craig area

John was appointed to the Conservation District Board in February 2020.

Associate Supervisors (non-voting, appointed by the board) include:

David Martin of Helena

David Martin became an Associate Supervisor in the Fall of 2016.

Karl Christians of Helena Valley

Currently employed by the DNRC Conservation Districts Bureau, Karl also spent 16 years as the DNRC Floodplain program manager.  He is currently the President of the Lewis & Clark county Farm Bureau, as well as the Chair of the EHHS CTE.  He spent many years on the L&C co. 4-H livestock committee as the Swine, Beef and Overall superintendents.  Karl has a ranch operation in the East Helena Valley.  Karl became an Associate Supervisor in the winter of 2018/19.

Why did you originally want to be on the board?   Having worked with conservation districts for years, I learned what good things CD’s can do.   I have a passion for the resources and enjoy working with landowners in sharing what I’ve learned over the years of not only working with CD’s, but also being directly involved with agriculture for most of my life.   With that, I felt I could add to the community by being on the board.

What qualities to you feel you bring to the CD/Board?  I have years of involvement with various organizations, 30 years working with DNRC, as well as lifetime involvement in agriculture.  This has given me the opportunity to be able to work with and share experiences with people of all walks of life.     I’m passionate for the resources and the people on the ground.

What is your favorite part about being part of the Conservation District Board?  Working with a good group of people and being able to make a difference on the ground. 

Chris Carparelli of Helena Valley

Why did you want to be part of the board?
In 2015 and 2016 I was a Big Sky Watershed Corps member for the Beaverhead Conservation District in Dillon and I really enjoyed connecting with the community through the CD. I think CDs have provided great conservation leadership for decades and I hope I can play a role in helping to continue that legacy into the future.

What do you feel you bring to the Conservation District/Board?
I bring effort and energy to help the CD connect with the community through outreach and education. I also have experience with water rights, real estate, and geographic information systems that can be useful to the CD from time to time. And I have a great network of natural resource professionals throughout the state.

What is your favorite part about being part of the Conservation District?
Connecting with land stewards in the community and learning from their experience.

Chris joined the board as an Associate Supervisor in October 2020.

The Helena Field Office staff for the Natural Resources Conservation Service currently consists of District Conservationist Rebecka “Becky” Ayre, Soil Conservationist Jason Saari, and Engineer Sean Clancy, who is an area employee, but works primarily in the work unit for Teton, Lewis & Clark and Jefferson Counties.

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