Lewis & Clark Conservation District

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Board of Supervisors

Board of Supervisors

The Lewis & Clark Conservation District has an elected Board of Supervisors. In 1997, the District formally divided into seven supervisor areas with one Supervisor from each area.

The Current Board of Supervisors

The Current Board of Supervisors are:

  • Chairman, Jeff Ryan of North Helena Valley
  • Vice Chair, Ron Ingersoll of the Wolf Creek/Dearborn River area
  • Treasurer, Jeanette Nordahl of the Lincoln Area
  • Stephen Granzow of East Helena Valley
  • Sarah Howe Cobb of the Augusta area
  • John Baucus of the Sieben/Craig area
  • Stan Frasier of the south Helena Valley
Associate Supervisors (non-voting, appointed by the board) include:
  • David Martin of Helena
  • Karl Christians of Helena Valley

The Helena Field Office staff for the Natural Resources Conservation Service currently consists of District Conservationist Rebecka “Becky” Ayre, Soil Conservationist Jason Saari, and Engineer Sean Clancy, who is an area employee, but works primarily in the work unit for Teton, Lewis & Clark and Jefferson Counties.