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Photo Contest – Fall Colors and Conservation

Lewis and Clark Conservation District is excited to announce we will be hosting a fall photo contest. The theme is fall colors although we encourage entries to include aspects of the Conservation District’s mission statement such as agriculture, natural resources,…

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Fall Photo Contest

I know that right now it looks more like winter out there than autumn, but the Lewis and Clark CD is hosting a fall photo contest!  We’ll probably be doing this several times a year, so keep your eyes peeled!…

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Save the Bees!

This morning at the CD office, we were busy bagging up the pollinator seed that we recently got as part of an Area 6 effort.  Our two new employees, Andrew Kretschmer and Connor Mertz, were busy scooping and bagging and…

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Pollinator Initiative

As part of the Area 6 Conservation Districts (mostly south west Montana), the Lewis & Clark Conservation District is participating in a Pollinator Effort.   We have free pollinator seed (with a few strings attached and a few limits) that landowners…

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Spring Explorer

The most recent issue of the Conservation District’s newsletter  The Explorer is out and online!  If you would like to sign up for the electronic delivery of the newsletter, get on the Conservation District’s email list!

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Encouraging Pollinators

One of the best things that we as land managers–big and small acreages!–can do to increase the health of our pollinators such as honey bees, is to plant species that they utilize and survive on.  The Natural Resource Conservation Service…

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