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USDA wants to know — what’s working and how can we improve? In August 2020, USDA is sending a customer experience survey to 28,000 farmers, ranchers, and private forestland owners. This new, annual survey will evaluate USDA customer service and…

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Sun River Watershed CMZ

For those who don’t know, a CMZ is a Channel Migration Zone for a stream or river, identified using Lidar (light detection and ranging) imagery to identify former stream channels and helping to identify where streams and rivers are likely…

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New District Conservationist

Those of you who follow these things, know that in 2019–between May and October–the Helena NRCS Field Office had a mass exodus of staff, including our District Conservationist.  All left for good reasons and I think people are happy with…

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Montana Youth Range Camp

Montana Youth Range Camp will be hosted by the Lewis & Clark Conservation District in 2020.  The camp will be held on the beautiful Dearborn River at the C Bar N Mission, August 3-6. Students aged 11-17 will be introduced…

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COVID-19 Virus Updates

  Due to the COVID-19 virus, as of 3/20/2020 and at least through 4/3/2020, the doors to the USDA Service Center, where the Lewis & Clark Conservation District is located, will be locked. Customers will need to make an appointment…

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Working Remotely

The Lewis & Clark Conservation District is still operating, but we are working remotely.  If you need to get in touch with us, please call 406-449-5000 ext. 5 and leave a voice mail, or email at lccd@mt.net.  We are sorry…

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New 310 Permit Rules

Every legislative session there is the potential for mandated rule changes.  That’s what happened in the 2019 session. The Lewis & Clark Conservation District has officially updated our rules for permitting on the streams in Lewis & Clark County. The…

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Elk Creek Task Force Meeting

The afternoon meeting will follow a meeting with the 14 agricultural landowners and agency people, along with Confluence Consulting.  The morning meeting begins at 9 am and will run to noon if necessary.

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Elk Creek Road Update

Lewis and Clark County has no plans to move the road at this time or do additional work to the roadway.  The berms built are within the County’s 60’ right-of-way.  The purpose was to ‘nudge’ the stream back to the…

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Tree Ordering Season!

From my email, it looks like it’s tree ordering season at the Montana Conservation Seedling Nursery! If you or someone you know would like to get a head start on ordering trees for a windbreak, snowbreak, or wildlife planting, conservation…

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