Lewis and Clark Conservation District, 790 Colleen Street, Helena MT 59601  406-389-3895

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Hearing for Permissive Levy for Benefits 2023

The Lewis and Clark Conservation District will hold a public hearing on Thursday July 27th from 1 to 2 pm.  This hearing will be held via Zoom conferencing. 

The purpose of the hearing is to review the Conservation District Budget and renew the current Permissive Mill Levy for employee benefits for 2 employees with the Conservation District.

The current levy amounts to about $4.24 per year for a $200,000 home.

For more information, or to get details on calling in to the hearing or connecting via video conferencing, contact District Administrator Chris Evans, at 406-3893-3884, email chris@lewisandclarkcd.org, or write to LCCD, 790 Colleen Street, Helena MT 59601.

Please provide written comments to the above mailing address or email address.

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