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Soil Testing

Soil Quality

It is important to test soil if we want to know what nutrients are missing from our crops as well as knowing if there are any harmful chemicals in the soil. 

Due to historic mining, abandoned mines and a variety of Superfund clean up sites, soils in Lewis & Clark County should be tested for contamination. 

Contaminants from these historical activities can contribute to harmful chemical runoff, soil contaminants, and a reduction in air quality that not only affects our water but also humans, livestock, and fish health.  

Knowing what your soil needs to grow crops, or what possible health risks you may be subject to is important to help the Lewis & Clark County raise awareness and to apply best management practices (BMPs) to continue healthy and sustainable growth within our community.  

Due to the ASARCO Smelter Super Fund site located in East Helena, the Lewis and Clark Public Heath Department constructed an interactive map where you can enter your address and find out information about the soils in your yard.

We advise anyone interested in testing their soil to use Energy Laboratory or other lab and if you have any further questions before and after, please contact us!

Web Soil Survey
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