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Resources & Publications


We are fortunate enough to be able to obtain publications from a wide variety of sources for land management.  Below are links to various resources for landowner needs.  We also have a variety of pamphlets, guides, and demonstrations that you may find of interest so please stop by the Conservation District or give us a call so we can mail you information.


To read more about landscaping sustainably in Montana click the link!

Invasive Weeds

Read more information on the Montana Weed Control Association and their activities.

Lives & Landscapes

Montana State University Extension publishes Lives & Landscapes

Water Rights

Water rights in Montana are different than in most parts of the country.  Please click the link to learn more!

Small Acreages

Montana State University has information on being a good steward of small acreages in Montana.  For more information click the link!

More on Small Acreages

Tips Guide for Small Acreage landowners

Licenses and Permits

The Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation has a number of licenses and permits described on their website

Stream Permits

There are a variety of permits required for work that affects the bed or banks of streams and rivers in Montana, including on Canyon Ferry, Hauser and Holter Reservoirs.

Septic Systems

Living outside city available sewer and water services, means you’re probably on a septic system.  There are tips and tricks to living on a septic system.

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