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As part of the Area 6 Conservation Districts (mostly south west Montana), the Lewis & Clark Conservation District is participating in a Pollinator Effort.  

We have free pollinator seed (with a few strings attached and a few limits) that landowners can use to create pollinator gardens.  

We have a seed mix for all native pollinators and a non-native seed mix. 

The native mix has 7 pollinator plant species, 6 of which are native to SW Montana.  They are perfect for a backyard pollinator garden that doesn’t have to compete with noxious weeds. 

The non-native seed mix includes 6 pollinator species, 5 of which are not native to SW Montana but still grow well here.  The purpose of this mix is to create beneficial pollinator habitat in fields where the mix may have to compete with other invasive, non-native weeds.  The non-native plants in this mix will be able to stand up against invasive species better than some of the native plants.  This mix is perfect for larger plats in fields where weeds may be an issue.

We are allotting seed for 100 square feet, up to 2500 square feet.  It depends on the space that you have and which mix you are interested in!

We are anticipating a pretty good demand for this seed and it is first come, first served.  To indicate interest, please fill out the Cooperator Interest Form.  For more information see the Handout.


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