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Pollinator Initiative

Help out pollinators in Lewis & Clark County!

Did you know that roughly 1/3 of all the foods we eat rely on pollination to be produced? The Lewis & Clark Conservation District is offering FREE wildflower seed mix to landowners in the county to plant pollinator plots on their property. These plots help create critical habitat and food sources for Montana’s native pollinators and other beneficial insects. Plots can be as simple as a small corner of a yard or garden or larger areas up to 2500 sq.ft. Participants are expected to commit to proper site prep and maintenance, and may be asked to help with monitoring efforts.

The Pollinator Initiative program is gaining momentum among Conservation Districts throughout Montana to create and protect habitat for these critical species!  We are able to offer free seed mix to landowners thanks to grant funding from the Department of Natural Resources and Conservation!

In the four years that Lewis & Clark Conservation District has run our program (2020-2023), we have distributed over 11 acres worth of seed to 221 individuals, many of whom have participated in multiple years.


Why plant a pollinator plot?

Pollinator plots provide a critical source of food and habitat for pollinator species like bees, butterflies, and moths as well as other beneficial insect species. These insects face increasing habitat pressure from development and agriculture.  Pollinator plots contain numerous flower species with different bloom periods that provide a food source throughout the season. Different pollinators rely on different flowers, so a diverse plot increases the diversity of species you will attract!


Why different seed mixes?

Each mix offers a variety of wildflowers and grasses selected by the NRCS Bridger Plant Material Center to thrive in our area. The Native Mix contains wildflower species native to Montana as well as slender wheatgrass. The Backyard Mix is best for smaller plot sizes in areas that receive more attention. The Conservation Mix includes a mix of wildflowers and grasses (native and nonnative) that are great for pollinators, but also can compete against weed pressure. Our staff can help you select which seed mix is most suitable for your site. More information about each seed mix can be found here:

Native Mix      Backyard Mix     Conservation Mix


How do I start a pollinator plot?

If you are interested in planting your own pollinator plot, fill out the seed request form below and send it in to us. Our staff can assist you with any questions you have about the program and getting your plot setup. In order to receive free seed, participants are expected to commit to proper site preparation and maintenance and help with some basic monitoring efforts. We are really excited about this program and hope everyone has success

Seed Request Form    Planting Guide    FAQs

Completed forms can be emailed to chris@lewisandclarkcd.org or mailed to the Lewis and Clark Conservation District at 790 Colleen St, Helena, MT 59601. Once received, we’ll contact you with next steps.


Additional Resources

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