Sun River Watershed CMZ

Sun Rive Channel Migration Zone

For those who don’t know, a CMZ is a Channel Migration Zone for a stream or river, identified using Lidar (light detection and ranging) imagery to identify former stream channels and helping to identify where streams and rivers are likely to migrate naturally to.

The Sun River Channel Migration Zone report is now available on the SRWG website:

The Sun River Watershed Group conveyed their thanks to Cascade CD for being their partner, DNRC and DEQ for funding, Al Rollo for igniting the idea, and everyone else for being great partners in making this happen. Great work by Applied Geomorphology and DTM Consulting.

Most exciting for Lewis & Clark Conservation District, the next steps include a Phase II to this project, in partnership with Lewis & Clark CD, to map Elk Creek and perform some additional analysis on the high-risk reaches of the Sun. We are also using the CMZ in concert with the 2014 report by Warren Kellogg to identify the next suite of projects for SRWG.

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