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Lake Helena Willow Lift public comment period

The Lewis & Clark Conservation District is assisting two landowners with a willow lift project along a 700 ft section of bank on the north shore of Lake Helena. This project will use a vegetated soil lift technique to stabilize a large section of eroding bank, ultimately aiming to reduce sediment erosion into Lake Helena.

DNRC will be soliciting a 30 day public comment period for the Lake Helena Willow Lift project. The EA will be posted to the DNRC Public Notice Page Public Notices — Montana DNRC (mt.gov). The direct link to the pdf posting is: lake-helena-willow-lift-draft-ea-lccd (mt.gov) The public comment letter is posted below.

If you have any questions about this project and LCCD’s involvement, please contact us at connor@lewisandclarkcd.org or (406) 389.3886

Lake Helena HB223 Grant_Public Comment on EA Notice_DNRC CARDD_2022-01-04


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