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More on Willow Soil Lifts for stream and river restoration

Two Dot area Willow Soil Lift

If you’ve read much in our newsletters in the past few years, or follow the CD at all, you know how much we do with stream restoration.  

A recent storymap for the Musselshell River Bank Restoration highlights some really important work in another part of the state.  This project, near Two Dot, was featured in a previous post and some of our CD people helped out in support of the project.  Take a look and enjoy!

A Guide to Riverbank Restoration Using Willow Soil Lifts

Stay tuned to LCCD, because we will soon be helping out on 2 new projects on Lake Helena!  If you are looking for more information on how to complete a project like this, give us a call at 406-449-5000 x3884 or x3886 or email chris@lewisandclarkcd.org or connor@lewisandclarkcd.org.


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