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Montana Youth Range Camp

Montana Youth Range Camp will be hosted by the Lewis & Clark Conservation District in 2020.  The camp will be held on the beautiful Dearborn River at the C Bar N Mission, August 3-6.

Students aged 11-17 will be introduced to 25 of Montana’s important range plants; grasses, forbs and shrubs.  They will learn about the interaction of soils, water, plants, wildlife and livestock on the range.  The camp provides and excellent opportunity for youth of varying backgrounds to become more aware of the value and potential of Montana’s rangelands.

This education program brings together range professionals and interested students to learn in the great outdoors.  Evening programs and activities allow campers an opportunity to meet new friends and develop lasting friendships.

Cost is $200 per student and most Conservation Districts will help sponsor students who would like to attend.  Contact your local Conservation District to find out the requirements for sponsorship.

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