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Living with Beavers?

Are you a landowner living with beavers on your property?  If so, have a look at a new page on our website, under Landowner Resources. If you have a stream running through your place, it’s likely that you’ve experienced having…

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A Day in Augusta

For landowners in the Augusta or Dearborn areas who were affected by the flooding this past week, we want to let you know that we’re going to be in Augusta at the Youth Center/Senior Center/ Public Health office on June…

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Montana Water Supply Outlook Report

March 1, 2018 For the current Water Supply Outlook report, you can go to this link.      

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Flood Awareness at EVMS!

Since the spring of 2008, the Lewis & Clark Conservation District has worked with area agencies to bring Flood Awareness to the East Valley Middle School.  What began with a parent visit during an open house in the fall of…

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Sustainable Low Cost Crop – No More Over Grazing

Over Grazing Solutions for Small to Large Landowners By: Ashley Rivero           The discovery for us here at the Conservation District was during a stream permitting assessment on the Rocking Z Guest Ranch.  The Rocking Z Guest…

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New Face in the Office

Ashley Rivero is a Big Sky Watershed Corps member who will be housed in the Conservation District office for the next 10 and 1/2 months.  Ashley has a varied background and will be posting a bio and some ideas about…

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